10 Things I Hope Somebody Had Told Me Before I Got Into An Engineering College!


Once you get past the +2 stage, there are a lot of questions that go on your mind. And that’s completely normal! All of us have faced that! Here are some of the questions you might be facing right now:

  • Which college to go for?
  • Which department to choose?
  • Is the college good enough?
  • Are their enough placement opportunities?
  • Should you focus more on developing social skills, or should work to achieve good grades?
  • How much fun is too much fun in college?
  • How to break the ice going into a new environment?
  • Will there be ragging by the seniors?


So, since you’ve already had that “Oooh” moment, and we’ve got your attention, let us start. Being an engineer myself, I’ll be covering all the aspects of an engineering college. Believe me; these days are an experience that’ll last for a lifetime. People who’re already in already know what I’m talking about!

Some Advice Regarding College:

  • Suppose you get into the top IITs and NITs in India, good for you! If not, well, that’s good too! Regardless of what anyone tells you, your college is only as good as the effort you take to learn and explore once you get there. Come on, go on, change the world!
  • Another problem that students sometimes feel confused about is- what department should I take? You must have already heard how “CSE/IT is the BEST option.” Some older people might tell you that the core departments like Electrical and Mechanical are evergreen. Just a word of advice, do what you like. You’ll get a job, chill!
  • Don’t be afraid to get ragged. Most college today don’t have the brutality we’ve often heard from our elders, so there’s no need to worry! Trust me, you’ll up making some great friends among seniors. Guidance always helps!
  • Yes, CGPA matters. But this isn’t your JEE score, and whatever you do in your life won’t be defined by it. However, a steadily rising or at least an above-average CGPA shows your employer that you’re a motivated individual. That’s important!
  • Don’t shy away to explore! Whichever college you go to, go out there, make friends and explore the different activities. Even if it means bunking a few classes. Why? You’ll develop some really useful soft skills. Well, do you need to make a constant effort? No, engage in whatever way you can! You’ll notice your growth soon enough!
  • Always bring food from home when you return to campus. Nothing bonds hostellers better than sharing homemade food!
  • If you are living outside for the first time in your life, here’s some friendly advice. Keep an open mind, will you? People can be a little different, doesn’t mean they’re weird or stupid. Being different is fine. You’ll soon learn to love them!
  • If you’re from a particular part of India, with a linguistic preference of something apart from Hindi, be sure not to get limited to your community. Explore, and if possible even choose your room or stay with people from different parts of India. You’ll learn SO MUCH. Trust me, you’ll have a blast!
  • Always have biscuits, chips, or Maggi in your cupboard. Once its midnight you’ll be hungry. ALWAYS!

Okay, I guess that’s enough advice for today. We’ll be back soon with more such tips for sure! Feel free to check out our website: AlertsBuzz.com

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