5 COVID-19 Vaccines That Gave Us Hope: 5th One Is Indian

COVID-19 Vaccines

Amidst this pandemic situation, every medical organization is racing to develop COVID-19 vaccines. Various organizations are working together to develop the coronavirus vaccine, so the list contains  4 vaccines that have achieved regulatory approval and 5th is the Indian vaccine which is in Phase-3 trial. So here are the 5 Vaccines that gave us hope against COVID-19.


Vaccine Type –  mRNA-based vaccine.

Developer –  PfizerBioNTechFosun Pharma.

Origin –  Multinational.

Approval – UK, Bahrain, Canada, USA.

BNT162b2 vaccine is given as an intramuscular injection in 2 doses every 7th day. It basically creates an immune system against the virus, it creates a mutated form of protein.

Primary efficacy analysis demonstrates BNT162b2 to be 95% effective against COVID-19, as said by the developers. This is one of the highest efficacy vaccines that are in use in the world. That is why the USA on December 12 gave the approval for its emergency use.

Pfizer and BioNTech predict 50 million doses will be available in 2020 and 1.3 billion available in 2021 because of which this vaccine holds importance for every country as it can be very helpful for most of the countries.


Vaccine Type – Inactivated vaccine


Origin –  China

Approval – China

CoronaVac (formerly PiCoVacc) is a formalin-inactivated and alum-adjuvanted vaccine that is given 2 doses 14 days apart.

So the question arises What is an inactivated vaccine?

An inactivated vaccine kill the virus so that it cannot reproduce itself.

Indonesia pharmaceutical company previously said that CoronaVac has an efficacy of 97% but later they change their statement that efficacy could not yet be determined.

large production facility in Beijing, China, is being built to manufacture up to 300 million doses of CoronaVac per year.

Sputnik V

Vaccine Type – Non-replicating viral vector

Developer – Gamaleya Research Institute, Acellena Contract Drug Research, and Development.

Origin –  Russia.

Approval – Russia.

COVID-19 Vaccines

The health ministry of Russia approved Sputnik V as the first vaccine for Coronavirus. The medical community is criticizing this vaccine due to its lack of safety and efficacy.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund(RDIF) announced that Sputnik V has an efficacy of 92%. This efficacy is questioned by many people around the world. There are some cases in which this vaccine had very bad side effects.

RDIF has said “up to 50 countries” have expressed interest in Sputnik V and claims up to 500 million doses can be produced in up to five countries. This vaccine can be very helpful for the people around the world if it is produced in bulk.


Vaccine Type – Inactivated vaccine.

Developer – Beijing Institute of Biological Products; China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).

Origin –  China.

Approval – China, United Arab Emirates.

China has approved the BBIBP-CorV vaccine for emergency use for high-risk individuals. This is the second Inactivated Covid-19 Vaccine, the first one is the CoronaVac.

UAE announced on December 9 that this vaccine has an efficacy of 86% after compiling the results. They took the vaccine from China so that they can use it on high-risk individuals.

Sinopharm has said both its vaccines have been administered to up to 1 million people in China. They also told that they have a capacity of 2.2 million to store the vaccine safely in the laboratory.

Covaxin (Phase 3)

Vaccine Type – Inactivated vaccine.

DeveloperBharat BiotechNational Institute of Virology.

Origin–  India.

Bharat Biotech and India’s National Institute of Virology is working on indigenous COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin. They are working together in Pune to develop India’s first indigenous vaccine so that it can help the people of India.

A Phase 1/2 trial of about 1,100 healthy participants is underway after approval by the Drug Controller General of India. ICMR has reported Covaxin has entered Phase 2 trials and now the Director-General of ICMR said a Phase 3 trial of 26,000 participants is underway. Now Covacine is under clinical trial after which it will be available to use for the common people of India.

On December 7 Covaxin applied for  Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) so that India can start the use of vaccines on high-risk individuals. Every vaccine has to go through this process as they have to get the authorization for the use of the vaccine.

This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that no matter how much we advance in any field but there will be a small thing that can create a problem. Every country is using its full resource to develop the COVID-19 vaccines that can end this pandemic situation without any furthermore deaths.

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