5 Facts About Maradona That Made Him A Legend: Farewell, Prince Of Football

Diego Armando Maradona is a name every football fan can never forget, a legend who changed the definition of football.

Born in Argentina(30 October 1960) this child was special from a pretty early age. At age 3, he received his first soccer ball and after that, there was no looking back.

Maradona made his professional debut at the age of 16. Throughout his long illustrious career, he played for team like Argentinos JuniorsBoca JuniorsBarcelonaNapoliSevilla, and Newell’s Old Boys.

However, 25 November 2020 will be a dark day for football fans. Diego Maradona has passed away at age of 60. (1960-2020).

So as a remembrance we will put light on incidents in his life that are unknown and validate that he truly was a legend. So here are 5 Facts About Maradona That You Probably Didn’t Know!

Most Fouls (Against) In A Single Tournament

Do you know Maradona was fouled 53 times in the 1986 World Cup! He was a target of every opposing team for dirty tricks.

However, this only goes on to show that the only way to stop the man was to get him down! Once he’s on his feet, CIAO!

Maradona Hosted A Television Show

Yes, you are right he was a tv host too. La Noche del 10 was the show that he hosted. And do you know who was his first guest?  Pelé, Yes! his rival but they had a very friendly chat on the show.

There were also many other football players who were guests in his show.

Hand Of God

This incident happened during the 1986 FIFA World Cup when Maradona scored a goal with his hand! (Or did he?)

Yes, the goal stands as the referee didn’t have a clear view. This goal led Argentina to win that game 2-1.

Then what this “Hand of God”  means?. During the press conference after the match, Diego stated this goal as

The goal was scored a little bit by the hand of God, another bit by the head of Maradona

Two Month Ban

Maradona became the Manager of Argentina’s international squad in 2008. However, this didn’t turn out to be as smooth as he had thought it would be. Following Argentina’s humiliating loss to Bolivia(6-1), he faced an enormous amount of criticism from fans all over the World. In response he said:

To those who did not believe: now suck my d**k – I’m sorry ladies for my words – and keep on sucking it. I am either white or black. I will never be grey in my life. You treated me as you did. Now keep on sucking d**ks. I am grateful to my players and to the Argentinean people. I thank no one but them. The rest, keep on sucking d**ks.


As expected, FIFA did not like his outburst and he was penalized with a 2 Month ban.

His Rivalry With Pele

Everyone knows about the on-field rivalry between Maradona and Pele. But their rivalry reached another level when Maradona refused to attend the opening ceremony.

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Maradona refused to go to the opening ceremony when he asked why he replied:

I’m not here to look at bloody Pele walking around.

Pele replied:

But it isn’t Maradona’s fault. It is the fault of whoever put him in charge.

This sweet rivalry gave the football universe some really funny replies which they will never forget. Pele’s heartwarming tribute after the unfortunate demise was really something that football fans will always remember. Here it is:

In case you’re not accustomed to Portuguese, here is the translation for you:

What sad news. 
I lost a great friend and the world lost a legend. 
There is still much to be said, but for now, 
may God give strength to family members. 
One day, I hope we can play ball together in the sky.

As a tribute to the true Prince of Football, we’ve shared with you 5 Facts About Maradona That You Probably Didn’t Know!

RIP Maradona,💐💐 you will be missed.

On this note, we Alertsbuzz team takes a leave.

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