5 Major Astronomy Events You Will Witness In 2020: Date, History

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Hey Astronomy lovers! Want to know about majestic stuff that’s about to happen in these two months this article will be a treat for you.

Who doesn’t like to know about space and see its magical effects and that too from our home planet?

I will discuss the major astronomical events that will happen in November-December. So folks tighten your seat belts because we are going on a journey in space and here we gooo……


Penumbral Lunar Ecplise

You might be thinking what this word Penumbral means, it means a partial shadow.

This phenomenon occurs when Moon passes through the partial shadow of the Earth. Moon will darken a little bit but not completely.

lunar eclipse, moon, moonlight

This can be visible in most parts of North America, the Pacific Ocean, and northeastern Asia including Japan.

This will occur on November 30. So if someone is reading this article from above mention place do experience it because you are the chosen one for it.

For more info go to this link – (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)

Geminids Meteor Shower

Geminids sounds interesting. This is the king of meteor showers. This is one of the best meteor showers with a rate of 120 multicolored meteors in one hour. These are produced by the debris left behind by the asteroid 3200 Phaethon.

Perseid Meteor Shower, 2015

This sounds truly majestic, isn’t it?. These will peek during 13-14 December with an annual shower between December 7-17.

Folks find a dark place and grab your Astronomy lover partner where there’s no light and observe this heavenly shower.

Total Solar Eclipse

Everyone knows what a solar eclipse means this is the time when we find X-ray sheets or glasses to look up in the sky(Indian readers will get that).eclipse, planet, eclipse of the sun


On December 14 people of southern Chile and southern Argentina will see Path of Totality.

A partial eclipse will be visible in most parts of southern South America, the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and the southern Atlantic Ocean.

People of these places will experience beautiful Corona. Don’t panic I am talking about the outer atmosphere of the Sun visible during the eclipse.

Conjunction Of Jupiter And Saturn: Major Astronomy Event

This is the most awaited event among the astronomers. This is happening after 2 decades it last happened in 2000.

What does it mean?

Jupiter and Saturn will be visible only 7 arc minutes away from each other. This is known as the Great Conjunction.  They will be so close that it will feel like a bright double planet.

So Yuvraj when it can be observed?saturn, space, cosmos


Well, you have to wait till December 21 to view this event in the west direction, best viewed after sunset.

Don’t miss this opportunity guys you will never know when you will experience it again.

Ursids Meteor Shower

Another meteor shower will happen this year and will be the last major event before we say goodbye to 2020.

This is a minor meteor shower with only 5-10 meteors per hour. Produced by dust grains of comet Tuttle which can be viewed anywhere in the sky.

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With a peak on the night of December 21, they can be viewed away from city lights in the black sky near Ursa Minor constellation.


We always keep you updated about these astronomical events you can check our article on Perseid Meteor 

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