6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind: The Equation of Pizza!

6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind Away: The Equation of Pizza Poster

Well, today we’ll be talking about some Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Life is all about numbers. Well, there might be some people who will disagree with me but let’s take an example. Imagine you’re on a vacation to one of the national reserves-as a break from the hustle of the city. There’s a very high chance the moment you notice a tiger your guide is going to exclaim that there are only about 3000 tigers left in the wild! So, numbers!

6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Imagine a life without this creation, going up to a shop and asking him for “many” eggs, or the shopkeeper saying that it would cost you “some” money. Doesn’t make much sense, right? So, let’s jump back into the topic!

 1. Zero Is The Only Number That Can’t Be Represented In Roman

Our school life, as well as our day-to-day activities, ensure that we deal with a lot of roman numerals. Although it looks pretty cool, way cooler than the default English counterpart we can’t help but agree that it might become too bulky at times. For example, 88 is written as LXXXVIII. I mean, come on!


Coming back to the topic, YES THIS TRUE. According to this article on The Guardian, “Aristotle had dismissed it because you couldn’t divide by zero and get a down-to-earth result.” Well, I feel the same about TikTok.

2.The Equation Of Pizza

I know, I know. Probably these are the words that made you click this article in the first place! So, yes, let’s give you a feel of the mathematical side of pizza!

6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind Away: The Equation of Pizza

Imagine a pizza with radius “z” and height “a”

Hence, the volume of the pizza(cylindrical)=Pi*z*z*a

Be sure to explain this to the pizza boy next he comes to your house!

3.  3 Is The Real OP Number!

If you take any number and then multiply it by 3 you’ll get a pretty cool effect. How so? Just add up the numbers and then divide it by 3. The remainder will come out to be 0 no matter what initial number you had taken. Pretty cool, right!

For example, let’s take 67, 67*3=201, 2+0+1=3, which is divisible by 3.

Come on, try another one!

4. 9 Is Also Called A “Magic” Number

So, what is so “magical” about 9? Well, a 9 in itself is pretty harmless. However, if you multiply it with any other number and then sum up all the digits of that number, you’ll ALWAYS get 9! Don’t believe me? Let’s see.

Umm, let’s take 52. 52*9=468, 4+6+8=18,1+8=9.

Confused? Let’s take another!

We can take 123. 123*9=1107. 1+1+0+7=9

Another example, 323*9=2907,2+9+7=18,1+8=9

Basically, in case you’re looking for the truth of life, here it is:

“All paths ultimately lead you to 9.”

Come on, just kidding!

5. 69 Can Be Done Separately As Well

Come on, stop it! Basically what I wanted to say  is that


Don’t believe me? Go on, check it out!

6. “555” Is Actually Equivalent To Laughing

Next time you send a really funny joke on Whatsapp, and the person replies by sending you a “555”, don’t just assume he/she is drunk! The person might have just read this article!

6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Well, in Thailand, the number “5” is called “ha”, hence sending “555” to signify “hahaha” is pretty common there! Talk about cultural differences!

So, here we come to the end of today’s 6 Facts About Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind. I hope you had as much fun reading about them as I had! If you did, feel free to let me know in the comments section! And stay tuned to AlertsBuzz.com for more such articles!

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