DIWALI 2020: How Is It Special And Different From Other Years?

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Diwali the festival of light celebrated all over India with lots of joy and happiness. This is a 5-day festival celebrated as a sign of the triumph of good over evil.

But this year because of this pandemic situation there are some changes. I will discuss them all, so put your phone aside and start this journey of one page.

History: Diwali

Diwali is celebrated to remember the day when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman Ayodhya after defeating the Lankan-Ravan after serving 14 years of exile.

It is said that the whole of Ayodhya was lighted with deepaks as it is like a festival for the people of Ayodhya, from that day Diwali is celebrated every year during Kartik month

During this period people clean their house, decorate them with lights and deepaks, people share sweets with their friends and relatives, children burn crackers, people buy new things like real estate, gold, cars, etc.

This happens every year with lots of happiness and joy all over the country

COVID-19 Effect

As we all know, India is very badly affected by COVID-19 in recent months, but now it is slowed down a little. But it doesn’t mean it has finished there is a very big risk now as we are approaching its second wave(some countries like the USA, France, UK, Italy are already facing it).

So now the question arises how it is affecting Diwali?

1)  Due to COVID-19 people are avoiding gathering which is completely right. People don’t want to risk their health.

2) Some state governments ban firecrackers, which is indeed a very vital step for COVID-19 patients as they might feel difficulty in breathing.

3) People are avoiding buying sweets from shops as they find it rather unhealthy to eat outside food.

4) They are celebrating in their houses but they don’t want to but this pandemic has restricted them to their houses

5) The market has been adversely affected as people are not buying products due to the fear of the crowd which hit the market badly.

These are some things which are completely different this Diwali from the other Diwali’s. These are the things which an Indian never thought that they have to do because Diwali is always a festival where we meet everyone, we enjoy this very much but now it is very tough

Special About This Diwali

During this long lockdown period, people have become depressed, less joyful because they don’t have anything to do they just have to stick to their daily routine.

But now in this festive period, they find something which lightens their mind and freshens them up.

People buy new things, they decorate their houses, they make new things all these little things bring positivity to them.

Indian people have something to celebrate and this is the occasion that will help thousands of souls to come out of their bad times.


It is said that this festival is celebrated to mark BURAI PAR ACCHAI KI JEET. As this said let us hope we will get out of these tough times and regain all the happiness and joyfulness all over the world.

With this, I Yuvraj Agarwal on behalf of the whole Alertsbuzz team wishes you and your family a healthy and prosperous Diwali.


Yuvraj Agarwal

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