The Complete Electric Vehicle Series: Why So Much Interest In Electric Vehicle? 

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle technology is the biggest revolution in place right now. There was a time when Tesla was the only player in this market. However, right now giants like BMW, Lamborghini, and Ford have also started their large-scale EV projects. Well, it had been predicted quite some time back that electricity would be replacing petrol or diesel. The reason is quite simple. Pollution, and the non-renewable nature of these fossil fuels. This is the reason Governments all over the world are spending so much time and money in promoting this technology!

So, how is it that it is taking so long for the revolution to actually take shape? What opportunities and scope do engineers have here? What skills do you have to grow before you can enter this industry?

Well, we will cover this and more in this complete course on Electric Vehicles. To give it a more structured form, I have divided it into certain parts. Those are:

  • Brief History and Growth of EV
  • Introduction to EV Tech
  • EV Technology in India
  • Basic Vehicle Dynamics used in EVs
  • The Batteries used in EVs
  •  The Electric Drive used in EVs
  • Power Electronics used in EVs

These are some of the broad topics that we’ll be covering here. We’ll also be taking up a bit of economics regarding this technology. Anybody from an engineering background, with an unending interest to learn about this topic would be interested in this series. Apart from the topics mentioned above, we’ll also be publishing some other articles.

Being an electrical engineer in India, some of the non-technology based topics I cover in this course would be based in India. However, other topics would be significant to enthusiasts all over the world. So, let’s start!

Why So Much Interest In Electric Vehicle?

Well, this is a very fundamental question you might be asking right now. Surely, the car you own right now does its job of taking you where you need to go! So, why are companies shutting down their IC engine factories? Well, firstly:

  • 14 of the top 15 polluted cities in the World are in India! Delhi has often been criticized as being one of the most polluted cities in the World. A recent survey proved that during the Diwali season, living in Delhi is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day! The WHO global air pollution database reveals that in terms of PM 2.5 concentrations, the worst-hit city in the world is Kanpur. Electric vehicles would be a huge relief to this problem. To know a little more regarding this alarming situation, feel free to refer to this article by TOI: 14 of the World’s 15 most polluted cities in India.
  • The petrol and diesel that is used in IC engines are mostly imported. India does not have much petrol and diesel, so most of the fuel required to run the world’s largest democracy comes from outside. In an article by The Hindu, they revealed that in the fiscal year 2018-19, petrol and diesel worth Rs 5135 crore was imported by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The year also saw a growth of 8% and 3% respectively, for petrol and diesel consumption. So, if by any means this import can be reduced, it would be a huge boost to the country’s economy.

import bills india in terms of petrol and diesel

  • Electric Vehicles are almost 4 times as efficient as IC engine vehicles. So why is this so? Well, the prime reason is that IC engines have 50 times more moving parts than EVs. Hence the scope for losses in EVs in much less than ICE. This is the same reason the efficiency of a transformer is almost 1.5 times that of a motor/generator- because it does not have any movable parts. “EVs convert over 77 percent of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 12 percent – 30 percent of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels,” according to the US Department of Energy. For more information, you might want to check out this article by the Australian Energy Council: EVs: Are they really more efficient?

efficiency of Electric vehicle

So, now you have an overall idea regarding why this “Electric Revolution”  is coming. Welcome aboard this journey, we’ll be coming up shortly with another article for this series! Till then, check out our website

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