How Did The Weeknd Won Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Super Bowl The Weeknd

The Weeknd for Super Bowl Halftime? You might have never thought about it. Besides, he is one of the most popular artists of modern times but this sounds strange.

Abel Tesfaye known as “The Weeknd” isn’t somebody you think of as a family-friendly pop star thanks to some of his hits back in 2015 “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”. In his recent album 2020’s After Hours, he’s rocking bruises and bandages that don’t make his image perfect for Super Bowl.

So how did he get this opportunity of all the artists to play in a much-awaited Super Bowl, Why he is chosen to entertain 100 million people watching the show around the globe? Here is the answer…

The Weeknd: TikTok

Yes, indeed it helped Weeknd to gain popularity and pandemic did the rest.

His single “Blinding Lights” released in November 2019 which opens with a 30-second instrumental which shows the legacy of 80’s pop hits.

He might have never think of it but this song creates a great TikTok meme. Especially the Blinding Lights dance challenge which broke the internet at beginning of March 2020 when the pandemic just hit the USA.

The original video was kind of a simply choreographed dance challenge which was catchy and fun. So throughout the quarantining time, people at home danced away on this song to make a small video on TikTok.

And you knew the result of it. “Blinding Lights” was on the top charts. The radios are playing it for most of 2020, eventually, it became the Top Spotify Song of the year and the Longest Radio hit in history. And now it’s one of the most record-breaking songs ever.

So it isn’t new that a song becomes popular through the TikTok meme there are several other songs like  Roddy Rich’s “The Box”. But the Blinding Lights meme actually bound people through the tough times of pandemic situation people find the dark, slick anthem relatable and how to numb your pain.

If it only been a meme song it might have faded away by the summer. But the message of this song hit people hard with its lyrics like “The city’s cold and empty”, “No one’s around to judge me/i can’t see clearly when you’re gone”.

How The Song Gained More Popularity?

The Weeknd started to go to the live events just 2 weeks after the song picked up. Before the pandemic, he went to Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he performed live but he looks beaten up from tiredness and a hectic schedule.

People are still confused is Weeknd a band? But the simple answer to this question is that he is an alter ego who is narrating his story through lyrics that are dark.


He does not do anything new but the way he intensifies the performance is none less than new. Weeknd made his songs so intense that people don’t find them boring as well as dark but people somehow relate their life with his songs.

He definitely deserves this Super Bowl Halftime. The Weeknd will perform the Super Bowl 55 on Sunday, February 7, 2021. The game will air on CBS and kickoff is at 6:30 pm Eastern.

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