India Unlock 5 Guidelines: The Simplest Explanation on the Internet!

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As our nation is going through a phased manner of reopening following the lockdown, Unlock 5 Guidelines has been released by the central government. With some significant area opening which was closed due to Coronavirus lockdown.

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All these guidelines are applicable only outside the containment zone.

India Unlock 5 Guidelines: Things to be reopened

From October 15, activities that are reopening are-

1)Cinemas, theatres, multiplexes – Only with 50% audience

2)Entertainment parks

3)Swimming pool – Used for the training of sportsperson

4)Business to Business exhibition

5)Reopening of schools/educational institutes – Depends on the state government

Public gathering

The restrictions on people gathering for social, cultural, academic and sports have been relaxed

Outside space does not have a numerical barrier but social distancing with proper sanitization and mask, thermal scanning must have to be followed.

Inside spaces have been restricted to 50% of there capacity or 200 people and have to follow the same guidelines as for outside places.

These guidelines will be in immediate effect from October 1 and last till 31.

Why from October 15

The central government has given the flexibility to the state government about the guidelines. The state government has to decide whether to open schools/educational institutes or not by taking parents, schools’ concerns. Further, the central government has said that online learning should be emphasized. No compulsion of attendance should be put on the student as it depends on the student whether to take online or offline classes.

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For everything that is opening the government has to make SOP(Standard Operating Procedure). Like for example for cinemas, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will issue guidelines for social gathering state government has to issue guidelines. This perhaps is the reason for reopening things from 15 October and not from 1 October.

India Unlock 5 Guidelines: So what is closed now?

Everything outside the containment zone is open now. But international flights except for the 13 countries with which India has formed an air bubble(allowing passengers to travel between specified nations) will be restricted.

India has opened now but that does not mean that COVID-19 has been eradicated we have to fight this together by following government guidelines(:)).

If you want a more detailed analogy of the situation, feel free to check out the this TOI article

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