MIUI 12 On Xiaomi Phones In India: Read to know Release Date, Features and More!

Xiaomi, popularly known as Redmi, has started rolling out the much-awaited MIUI 12 updates for its phones! According to our sources, the update should be there by the end of August. Although there hasn’t been a complete list released by Xiaomi, here is the MIUI 12 supported devices list in India:



If you’re looking for a Redmi phone, well, there you have it!

MIUI 12 On Xiaomi Phones In India: Features

As of now, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will be launching the final timetable by the end of August. However, if you’re excited about what we can expect from this new MIUI update, here are the top 4 MIUI 12 features:

  • App Drawer: The MIUI will have an App Drawer feature which is quite a common and useful feature on the stock Android phones like Moto or Google Pixel. This helps users segregate their applications.

MIUI 12 App drawer

  • Privacy: Privacy and security issues have always been a huge concern for users of Redmi phones. With rumors surfacing regarding whether China is toying around with our data, Xiaomi will be fixing a lot of these issues in their latest update. MIUI 12 will give an option to the user to delete metadata from an image before sharing it. This also includes critical info like the user location! So, what is metadata? In layman terms, it is the background data about the user or website.
  • Notification Shade: The notification shade has been updated with newer animations and customization options. One of the most significant advantages of MIUI has always been its higher customizable options. MIUI 12 has taken this even forward.
  • SuperWallpaper: This is one of the main attractions of this update. Here the available wallpapers would be media provided directly from Nasa! MIUI 12 has two main sets of Super Wallpapers: Super-Earth and Super-Mars. What? Yes! Check the video below to get an idea regarding what we’re talking of. It’s cool!

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