Rise of the Imposter “Among Us”: How much do YOU know about this beloved game?

If you watch the gameplay stream on youtube, you might come across a game where small creatures run from here and there to complete tasks. Yes, you are right. This is Among us, an online game that is becoming a sensation in the online streaming world.

This game is becoming so popular that you can see its live streaming everywhere on youtube and twitch( thanks to the ban of pubg 🙂  ).

About The Game

This is an online social deduction game launched by Developer company InnerSloth on June 15, 2018; yes, you heard it right. It was established in 2018, but it came into fame in this year.

among us

It is developed on the Unity engine for IOS, Android, and Microsoft windows. Created for  little mainstream attention, but due to many big online streamers on Twitch and youtube, it came into popularity in 2020

This game was inspired by the real-life party game Mafia and was initially intended for mobile-only multiplayer games with a single map. Later on November 16, 2018, it was released on Steam.

Among Us-Overall Idea

The game is set in a space-themed setting where the players get one role each, either of a crewmate or an imposter. The goal of the crewmates is to identify the imposter, eliminate them and complete their task before the imposter kill crewmates without being identified ( It’s too much fun to be an imposter 🙂 )

There are meetings that can be held between crewmates, where they discuss the suspicious things that happen with them to identify the imposter. Man, this is so much fun when you are the imposter, blaming an innocent one during the meeting. You know its better to play with your friends than finding random people as we can have more fun while playing.

Among Us-Popularity

This came to gain its popularity in mid-2020 due to the impact of South Korean and Brazilian content creators. On Twitch, it became popular in July 2020, increasing the interest of many streamers in this game like CallMeCarsonxQcPokimaneShroudNinja, and PewDiePie. In September, this game received more than 100 million downloads, which led to its creator to work under crunch time to maintain its server.

So this is the Introduction of the game Among Us hope you like it. We have more articles about this game in our bag, so check them out on AlertsBuzz.com


Yuvraj Agarwal

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