What Hints Does Spider-Man: Far From Home Have About WandaVision’s Westview?

spiderman far from home post credits wanda vision hint

Wandavision’s Westvision incident was quite a twist for us fans. Well, MCU always has one, doesn’t it? However, fans have recently confirmed something that some of us might have missed. In the Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s post credit, we see that Tom Holland as Peter Parker is not helped by Nick Fury himself, but Talos.

Talos was last seen in the 2019 Captain Marvel plot, and he had shape-shifted into Nick Fury. However, in the end of the scene we find that Fury was infact the mastermind, and he was leading a secret group of superheroes called the SWORD. However, what is SWORD? Why am I telling you all this? Be patient, my friend!

WandaVision: The Birth of SWORD

In the 4th episode of the WandaVision, we see the formal introduction of the SWORD. SWORD is a peacekeeping organisation, similar to SHIELD, and Nick Fury is a part of this organisation as well. We also get to know that SWORD had its eyes on the entire Westvision happening with Wanda and Vision-trying to figure out exactly when and how the parallax took place.
Just when you start to think Nick Fury is getting older and retired, well well, there he is!

What Hints Do We Gather From Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Post Credit Scene?

Well, Spider-Man: Far From Home set up two of Marvel’s biggest lineups this year: WandaVision and Spider-Man 3

Talking of WandaVision, there are a few things to be focused here. Firstly, Talos works closely with SWORD.Secondly, NICK FURY works closely with SWORD And thirdly, and most importantly, we find a hexagon screen which has a close resemblance to the hexagon energy bubble that surrounds Westview in WandaVision. 

Wanda vision Nick fury spiderman: far from home

Coincidentally (or not!), it was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the shape of a jump point in the Universal Neural Teleportation Network series of wormholes in space. This makes it pretty clear that time there might be some implications as well. 

One of the theories is that Nick Fury already has an idea of what is going on in Westview. Even if he doesn’t know how the parallax was caused, at least he knows as much as SWORD does. So, there is a possibility that Samuel L Jackson might appear in one of the later episodes as Nick Fury. Well, let’s see! 

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