The Mystery Of Monolith And Why Is It Trending?

A three-sided metallic structure standing in the middle of the desert, that’s how biologists of the Utah Department Of Natural Resources found the monolith. And I’m not even kidding! They were surveying the local bighorn sheep from a helicopter when biologists saw this weird thing.

The Monolith is gaining popularity everywhere in the world as people are connecting this with aliens. And what better way than saying that this is an other worldly artwork! So we will see what is this monolith, the mystery of the monolith, and obviously some memes on it!

So let’s get started!

Mystery Of Monolith: What It Is Exactly?

So, the monolith is a metal pillar standing in a red sandstone slot canyon in northern San Juan CountyUtah. The pillar is 3 m (9.8 ft) tall and made of metal sheets riveted into a triangular prism.

It was unlawfully placed on public land between July and October 2016. There are some speculations that John McCracken built this monolith as he has made some similar sculptures, but he died in 2011 and this sculpture was there from 2016.

Similar metal columns have appeared in many other places throughout the world, including CaliforniaNevadaNew MexicoPennsylvaniaTexasColombiaCanada, the United KingdomSpainGermanyBelgium, the NetherlandsPoland, and Romania.

Why Connecting With Aliens?

  1. Very Interesting.
  2. Very 2020.

Everything that is going wrong this year is attached to the name of 2020. People are creating a checklist about the events that will happen in 2020 and that even includes The Big Bang!!!😂😂😂😂

Yes, the people created a checklist which includes alien attack, flood, earthquake, big bang on Twitter.

The monolith vanished from that place and appeared in Romania within 24 hours. Since then its place is changing and now it has been seen in many parts of the world.


Its sudden appearance and disappearance created curiosity among people, and that is when aliens came into the picture.

 Why Monolith Gained So Much Popularity?

American deserts are home to many artworks like Spiral Jetty, Texas, Fake Prada store in the middle of the desert, Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnel.

People find these things fascinating as they cannot imagine artworks in those places.

This is the same with the monolith, people are fascinated by its sudden appearance in different parts of the world.

Even Ellen De Generes was seen talking about it in her show here is the video:

In the place where it was found, there are marks of concrete cutters and a right-angled foundation for the monolith.

Monolith And Memes

Today’s generation is more active on social media than in real life. And if we’re talking about social media, how can we ignore the memes that rule its platform?

As expected, this monolith structure has been a hot favorite among the meme community. God knows they did a pretty good job with it!

So here are some memes that you might have come across on social media:


Every 2020 makes us think will we be able to see 2021 or not?

Is this 2012 we were expecting? Well, a few days to go. Let’s see!

So with this, I end this article here. Do check out our article on the 5 strangest things on Earth on



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