The Society Season 2: When is the Netflix Release Date? Read to know Cast, Plot and More!

The Society Season 2 Netflix

Netflix’s The Society left us with quite a cliffhanging experience. In the finale episode, fans of the show finally realized that there was an “interdimensional paradox” in place after all. From the moment, the finale episode “How it Happens” aired back on May 10, 2019, fans have gone gaga over what happens next! When is The Society Season 2 releasing? Will the teenagers finally be able to get back to reality?

The Society Season 2

Well, don’t worry. We’ve covered every detail you need to know about Season 2. Read carefully, and you might even get an idea regarding what’s coming up! Here is a trivia to get you started.

Did you know directors Christopher Keyser and Marc Webb had pitched the show way back in 2013 to Showtime, but the network later decided to pass? However, Netflix came to the rescue and proceeded with the series in 2018.

For people who haven’t seen the show, don’t worry. We’ve summarised Season 1 for you too. At the end of the article, we’re pretty sure you’ll rush to binge-watch the first installment before the second comes out. Too much of a stretch? Well, let’s see.

The Society Season 2 Release Date

The Society received quite an overwhelming response when it released back in May 2019. The craze was such that it even became one of the most-watched series on Netflix! Soon after this, in July 2019, Netflix renewed it for a Season 2. Initially, when productions started, the tentative dates were “late-2020”.

However, due to the global pandemic situation, the entire production process has come to a standstill. The producers have confirmed that production will start as soon as things move towards normal. Now, a 2020-date is out of the cards.

So when is The Society Season 2 release date? If you ask us, something of a mid-2021 time seems more viable. And since most of these big production companies try to have similar release dates, a May 2019 release may be followed by a May 2021 release. Let’s wait and watch!

As of the latest information Netflix has decided to cancel Season 2 for this teen drama, people are filing petitions but Netflix has decided to stop the production.

The Society Season 2 Trailer

Well, the official trailer isn’t out yet. As per the usual Netflix trends, we can expect something a month before the actual release of Season 2. However, there has been a short clip by Netflix, which has the entire cast coming out and confirming the renewal of the show. You might want to watch this if you want a nostalgic trip back to West Ham! Here you go:

The Society Season 2 Cast

So, here’s the big question! Who all from The Society Season 1 cast be returning? Well, for starters, our beloved Kathryn Newton will be back as Allie.

Talking to Cosmopolitan last year, she revealed that she was pretty nervous before walking onto the set for the first time.

“Before I started The Society, I told [Reese Witherspoon, her Big Little Lies co-star], ‘I’m really scared.’

“Reese was like, ‘You’re already a leader, you’re going to do fine. Take everybody to dinner, take everybody bowling, have everyone over for the game night.’ “

On being asked how the environment was, she also added, “They created a foundation where we’re all comfortable with each other and loved each other, and so the show’s better that way, you know? We still have a group chat. I actually have new friends.”

No wonder they had such fantastic chemistry on-screen as well!


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The other cast would be

  • Jacques Colimon as Will
  • Toby Wallace as Campbell
  • Gideon Adlon as Becca
  • Sean Berdy as Sam
  • Alex Fitzalan as Harry
  • Kristine Froseth as Kelly
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena
  • Olivia DeJonge as Elle
  • José Julián as Gordie
  • Salena Qureshi as Bean
  • Alex MacNicoll as Luke
  • Jack Mulhern as Grizz
  • Spencer House as Clark
  • Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Jason
  • Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie

No, we haven’t forgotten about Olivia Nikkanen! On the other hand, we can expect more of her as Gwen in the upcoming season.

However, two people who probably won’t be returning are Allie’s older sister Cassandra ( played by Rachel Keller) and Dewey (Seth Meriwether). Cassandra was shot in cold blood, while Dewey was executed for murdering Cassandra.

But can we say anything for sure? Absolutely not! The entire show is based on an alternated universe for God’s Sake!

What can we expect in terms of plot?

At the end of The Society, we see a glimpse of the real world as well. Allie’s mother pets the same dog that the children found in their alternate universe. So, there might be some link between the two. Remember, how in Dark, there was a cave? Well, possibilities are that there is such a link here too. Will the teenagers be able to find the link and escape? Well, let’s wait and watch!

The Society Season 2 Cassandra

Also, at the end of Season 1, we see that Grizz and his team have returned with some good news. They had gone to find some land where they could grow their food. Is it cultivable lands that they found? Or is it something else? And will Allie be able to manage her group, or will she end up with the same fate as Cassandra? Well, it’s going to be quite a ride!

The Society Season 2 Storyline

As promised, for those who haven’t watched Season 1, here is a summary for you. The Society revolves around a group of teenagers from West Ham, who leave for a school trip. However, their trip gets cancelled due to mysterious circumstances. As they return, they realize that their entire town has been deserted, and an unfathomable deep forest has somehow developed around it. The teenagers must now come up with their own rules to survive with what they have.

Go you excited? Use this quarantine to the fullest and check out this show if you haven’t already! We’ve attached The Society trailer to get you started. Happy binging! Also, I’m pretty sure now you know where you can watch The Society Season 2 online. Well, Netflix of course!

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